The collections support the research at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia which the primarily focus is on Islamic art, culture and civilisation. The collection comprises books, print journals, reference items, and audio-visual materials. The collections are divided in three sections.

Open Collections

Open Collection is the largest collection with broad subject coverage on Islamic art and architecture, history and religion. There is also an emphasis on bibliography, library science, language and literature, philosophy, science, medicine, sociology, anthropology, military sciences and technology. It comprises over 15,000 books, included theses and museum publication. Registered staff are allowed to borrow from this collection.

Special Collections

The Special Collections consider as special because of age, uniqueness or from the beauty of its physical. With over 5,000 titles in collection rare books, Qur’an, oversize books, limited edition and audio-visual items, they are kept in a specially controlled environment, separate from other parts of the library collection. These are only accessible to researchers’ in a designated reading room, subject to professional handling regulations set by the library personnel.

Reference Collection

The Scholar’s Library holds over 4,000 titles in its Reference Collection consist of selection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, directories, atlases, bibliographies, thesaurus, art magazines, printed journals, etc. This collection is limited to in‐library reference.