Portrayal of Pakistan by Awais Yaqub 🗓

(26th October 2015 – 17th January 2016)

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) is proud being part of a mesmerizing photography exhibition entitled “Portrayal of Pakistan by Awais Yaqub” that was held at our Open Space Gallery from 26th October 2015 until  17th January 2016 .  The celebrated exhibition has given an intimate view of how modern Pakistan has been shaped through the lens of the photographer, Awais Yaqub. Awais’ work of art really amazed us, not only amongst Malaysian photography community but also from our visitors who came from all over the world. Through the eyes of Awais, the  beautiful and rich culture Pakistan was portrayed like never before.  Pakistan is a country with diverse religious belief, despite predominantly being a Muslim society. The exhibition also featured various aspects of culture of both ancient and traditional in which represented through its sports and festival. Tent pegging, a cavalry sport of ancient origin and semi-nomads of Cholistan, exemplify the existence of such categories. Another interesting section of this exhibition was the truck art tradition, which is very common in Pakistan. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is very grateful to host this exhibition hence became part of our history.


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