Ostarrichislam: Islam in Austria

Date: 13 October 2016 – 31 December 2016


The OstarrichIslam: Islam in Austria exhibition was a collaboration between the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, The Austrian Embassy in Malaysia, IRPA (Hochschulstudiengang für das Lehramt für Islamische Religion an Pflichtschulen), and Alhamra Publication from Austria. This historical documentary exhibition was inspired by the unique yet controversial history of Islam in Austria. The exhibition was based on the book, Ostarrichislam: Fragmente Achthundertjähriger Gemeinsamer Geschichte (Ostarrichislam: Fragments of 800 Years of Shared History) published by Alhamra Publication and edited by Amena Shakir, Gernot Galib Stanfel and Martin M. Weinberger of IRPA.

Almost 1000 years ago, starting with the arrival of the Pechenegs in 996 AD / 386 AH who resided at the Hungarian Plain followed by the Ottoman-Hasburg Wars to the ruling of Bosnia and Herzegovina and finally the immigration of Muslims from other countries especially from the Balkans, Islam has flourished in this land of Sound of Music. With the Islamgezets (Islam Law) introduced by the Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph, Islam had been an official religion in Austria since 1912 before the amendment in 2015. The harmonious after-effect of clashes between Islam and Austria has insignificantly infused Islamic tradition into the Austrian culture. The admiration of Islamic art can be seen through the architecture of buildings with domes and geometric designs.  The exhibition aims to highlight the Islamic influence on the Austrian cultural landscape.

IAMM has hosted series of talk sessions and educational programmes related to this exhibition. Click here for more info about the talk sessions.