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Located at the Ground Floor, the Museum Shop Offers a unique selection of Islamic crafts and artefacts from around the world. Spanning the globe from the Atlantic Ocean to the Far East, this is a treasure house of exotica with a unifying theme. The creative glory of the Islamic World is still alive in a wide variety of crafts. Whether it is bold Southeast Asian woodwork for the Home, or intricate Middle Easters jewellery for personal adornment, this outlet supports artisans with a gift for beautification. To feed the mind as well as the soul, there is an exceptional selection of books, with the emphasis on art and the Islamic World. For children, there is a special section which features books, puzzles and other educational material emphasising on Islamic knowledge and good-manners

A variety of product exclusively developed by the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is also on display. In addition to the main shop, there is a smaller outlet at the Lower Ground Floor which is dedicated entirely to museum related items.

The Museum Shop is open from 10.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Sunday, including most public holidays and we accept both cash and credit cards. Entrance to the Museum Shop is free, and there is ample free parking.

Currently, our website does not support online shopping, but if you’re interested in any of the IAMM – Museum Shop’s products and services, follow our Instagram page and you can make your purchase from there.

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Alternatively you can contact us at:

Tel: 603 2092 7140 / 7142
Fax: 603 2274 0084




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