Khayamiya – Khedival to Contemporary: A Lecture by Dr. Sam Bowker

Date: 3rd October 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: IAMM Auditorium

In conjunction with the Khayamiya – Khedival to Contemporary: The Tentmakers of Cairo Exhibition (2nd October 2015 – 31st January 2016), IAMM is proud to present a talk followed by a lecturing tour by Dr. Sam Bowker from Charles Sturt University. Khayamiya is a spectacular Egyptian art form that deserves greater recognition. These great walls of colour are hand-sewn using methods that have remained unchanged for centuries, yet the considerable changes in their design have rarely been assessed. In this lecture, Sam Bowker will discuss the history of khayamiya through the Tentmaker’s ongoing adaptations to new conditions. From his first encounter with Henri Matisse’s ‘Interior with Egyptian Curtain’ (1948) to the Revolution of 2011, this illustrated lecture will share his journey to discover the origin of the Tentmakers of Cairo. This lecture will explain where khayamiya can be situated within Islamic art, and the challenges it faces to survive in the future.”

Biography of Dr. Sam Bowker:

Dr Sam Bowker is a Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture for Charles Sturt University, Australia, and curator of ‘Khayamiya – Khedival to Contemporary’. His research into the history of khayamiya (Egyptian Tentmaker Applique) is intended to secure its precarious future by sharing it with new audiences. He also developed and teaches Australia’s first contemporary Islamic Art & Design subject for distance students. Prior to joining CSU, he lectured for the Australian National University and also worked for the National Portrait Gallery, National Library of Australia and National Museum of Australia.

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