Islamic Bookbinding

ISLAMIC BOOKBINDING-Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM145.00
Size : (W)24cm X (H)29cm
Year : 2017
ISBN No : 978-983-2591-14-6
Pages : 204

Islamic Bookbinding is dedicated to highlight the development of the binding tradition in the Islamic world. Over 70 bindings from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia are analysed and presented within their historical context. Bindings made of leather, lacquer and textile, gilded or blind tooled or exquisitely painted form the catalogue section of this publication. Moreover, the catalogue take a comprehensive look into the bookbinding technique discuss the stitching process, the preparation of the binding and its doublure, and flap. The catalogue also explores the art of bookbinding from around the Islamic world, spanning geographically from the Maghreb and moving eastward to cover the Malay world and China, and covering the various practices and decorative repertoire of binding known to Islamic dynasties such as the Mamluk, Ottoman, Safavid and Qajar.