Proposed Travelling Exhibitions

The IAMM is currently offering the following exhibitions for travel.They will require an exhibition space of approximately 400m2 and are available to tour internationally from 2014 onwards:

The IAMM’s past travelling exhibitions:

Proposed travelling exhibitions for 2014-2015


Institutions interested in IAMM artefacts and/or exhibitions must submit a formal request for loans in writing to the Director of the IAMM. The request should include information such as:

  • Types of artefacts / Title of the exhibition(s)
  • Exhibition venue(s) and dates
  • Organiser’s name, address and contact details (e.g. telephone, fax, e-mail etc)
  • Basic requirements: A facility report; description of display cases, display equipment and lighting; arrangement for logistics, insurance, customs or diplomatic cargo status and condition checks; air transport, accommodation and per diem for IAMM couriers.
  • Following preliminary approval by the IAMM Director, a detailed loan agreement will be drafted to regulate the cooperation.


The IAMM travelling exhibition team consists of:

  • Dr Heba Nayel Barakat (Head Curator)
  • Nurul Iman Rusli (Senior Curator)
  • Rekha Verma (Head of Collections and Temporary Exhibition Manager)
  • Md Rezad Adnan (Display Manager)