The Education department of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is a vital component in the museum’s mission to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the history, art and cultures of Islam. As an Education Centre, the department’s objectives are to stimulate interest and the sharing of ideas through its activities, education programmes and resources for visitors of all ages. The range of programmes includes guided tours, children’s activities, gallery programmes, workshops, talks and seminars.

From its inception, the Education department has been committed to encouraging new audiences in their discovery of the museum and to develop new ways to encourage their appreciation of the permanent collection and the many special exhibitions. Through educational initiatives, the wealth and heritage of different Islamic civilisations can be properly understood.


Gallery Tours

Bookings for a gallery tour can be made one week in advance directly to the Education Department through email or fax.
School teachers may come for a pre-visit to our galleries and have a glimpse at the artefact collections, so that they may synchronise the class syllabus with the respective gallery.

Museum Safari

There are animals hiding on the artefacts in the galleries. Go on a Museum Safari and hunt for them!

Journey to Find the Artefacts

Embark on a journey to find facts about the artefacts by solving interesting questions as you walk through the galleries.

Paper-Making Workshop (NEW)

Learn the basic concept of pulping and handmade paper from our hands-on paper-making workshop.

IAMM Worksheet & IAMM Gallery Workbooks

Find out interesting facts about animals in the gallery and miniature paintings from our fun sheets “Animals World” and “Magnificent Miniature”, which are on sale at the Museum Shop.

For children aged 10 and below, workbooks filled with various activities, are on sale at the Museum Shop. The books are series on mosques, insects and animals such as the ‘Art of the Mosque’ that contains information and activities with regards to mosques, while ‘Insects’ and ‘Animals’ give extracts from the Qur’an in relation to our daily interaction with them and to demonstrate God’s creations.

Be Inspired Modular Programme

These fun-filled programme is an educational introduction to the history of Islamic civilisation. Programmes are presented in different mediums and themes such as:

• Iznik World

Participants will be taught to produce their own artwork inspired by the designs and colours of ceramic wares from Iznik in Turkey.
Students will be charged a minimum fee for this programme, which starts from RM8 to RM35 per student (inclusive of materials).

• Mamluk Art

A glass painting activity inspired from the Mamluk art and design on mosque lamps.

•Quick Batik

Create your own batik in a quick and easy way by combining the modern technique with beautiful patterns from traditional batik sarongs.

• Ikat Magic (NEW)

Produce your own design on mediums such as T-shirts, canvas bag or scarf with tie and dye technique.

• Malay Splendor (NEW)

Produce an amazing floral and leaves pattern with a stencil and silkscreen printing activity.


For bookings and enquiries on IAMM’s educational school activities, please email, mail or fax your enquiries to:

Education Department,
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia,
Jalan Lembah Perdana,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2092 7031/7032/7033/7034/7038
Fax: 03-2272 5346

Please indicate the following:

  • The date and time of visit (the museum is open daily from 10am to 6pm)
  • Number of persons in your group
  • Specific requirements, if any (group member with special needs, etc)