Analytical Laboratory

Applied Chemistry – Research, Analysis & Treatment

Analysis in a laboratory context is the process of breaking a substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. The analysis of the materials which compose an historic object, reveals information on the technology and the nature of deterioration as well as contributing to the development of safe and ethical conservation strategies. The Analytical Laboratory is equipped with stereo, compound and polarising light microscopes, an ultraviolet light inspection station, a climate chamber for conducting experiments into the ageing process of materials and a reference database of historical materials, used by Islamic Master Craftsmen and Artists. The Analysis of materials used in the manufacturing of the, now, Artefacts, reveals furthermore details of the technology, techniques and, last not least, the mind-set of our ancestors and predecessors.

Research on artefacts, is including technical examination of objects and manufacturing techniques; physical and chemical condition of objects and surfaces, including analysis of inks and pigments. Scientific research on conservation/restoration methods and techniques, from an Islamic viewpoint, is another focus of the Analytical Laboratory. All work is done by specialised chemist(s), in cooperation with highly trained and experienced Conservators.


Microscope Images, showing clock-wise, Red Silk Fibres, Lead, Leather and Gold on Paper