Conservation & Research Centre

Our material heritage worldwide is affected by environmental conditions that vary considerably. None is free from the ravages of time and environment. In Southeast Asia, in particular, there is a need for suitable conservation facilities with qualified and skilled professionals to make a concerted effort to preserve Islamic heritage. As an educator and custodian of Islamic art and crafts for present and future generations, IAMM sees the conservation, restoration and preservation of artefacts as a necessary part of its mission.

The Conservation Department provides preservation and conservation services for the museum’s artefacts. Through research and training, the IAMM Conservation Department also works toward furthering knowledge in order to develop preservation techniques applied to Islamic Art within Southeast Asia.

The Conservation Team is made up of professional conservators and restorers capable of dealing with the needs of the collection and with the potential to service other national and international museums and collections. The conservators are all university graduates with backgrounds in fine art, chemistry and applied science and have undergone extensive training conducted by both local and international experts. Conservation at IAMM is a truly interdisciplinary endeavour and the various backgrounds of the team members reflect the diversity of objects and materials presented at IAMM.

IAMM is committed to working with external individuals and organisations to develop the field of conservation of Islamic art and has undertaken collaborative work with both local and international organisations as well as hosting interns at the Conservation Department with the aim of training these young conservators of the future.

Past collaborations include:

  • The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization.(2008).
  • University of Technology Mara, Shah Alam. (2008)
  • Malaysia Nuclear Ageny (2007-2008)

In addition to annually hosting interns from the International Islamic University Malaysia for Industrial Training in Conservation, IAMM has hosted interns from the following Institutions:

  • Musee du Louvre, Paris, France. (2008)
  • Selangor Museum Board, Malaysia. (2008)
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia. (2008)
  • Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia. (2008)
  • University Sains, Malaysia (2007)
  • University Malaysia, Sarawak (2003)

The following is a list of resources for those wanting additional information on the field of conservation. Please note that the following websites are not under the control of IAMM and that we provide links to them in good faith.


Conservation is the application of inter-disciplinary science to the examination and treatment of museum objects [and specimens] and to the study of the environments in which they are placed. This involves activities such as preventive conservation, examination, documentation, treatment, research and education.