Batu Aceh tombstones of the Sultan of Melaka: Talk by Dr. Heba Nayel Barakat (6th December 2019)

Join IAMM’s Head Curator, Dr. Heba Nayel Barakat in this in depth discussion on Batu Aceh tombstones of the Sultan of Melaka. Participants will gain insights on the epigraphic evidence of the arrival of Islam to the Malay world as well as valuable historical resource found on tombstones.

Details of the talk:

Date: 6th December 2019 (Friday)

Time: 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Venue: Education Workshop, IAMM

Admission: Free

For registration, contact us at 03-2092 7032 / 7033 / 7034 / 7038 or via email at