A Decade of Dedication at The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

9 May 2009 – 9 August 2009

 This exhibition commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Since it was founded, the collection has grown enormously. The museum itself has also gone through a transformation. ‘A Decade of Dedication’ takes visitors behind the scenes to explore exhibitions, galleries and display concepts, as well as the activities of the Conservation and Education departments and the remarkable Scholar’s Library.

As the IAMM is much more than just a stunning building, the exhibition includes 40 highlights from the permanent collection. The range of these objects emphasises the creativity of Muslim artisans, whose talent lies in the ability to convey the aesthetic potential of everything from the written Word of God to an everyday bowl or box. Whether the artefacts are from the Malay Peninsula, the Middle East or the Maghreb, the collection aims to represent the full breadth of Islamic civilisation. It is a culture of dazzling range and diversity.

‘A Decade of Dedication’ provides an introduction to the countless wonders of Islamic art that continue to surprise and delight. To provide a lasting testimonial to the IAMM’s role in this, the exhibition is accompanied by a lavish commemorative book about the museum and its collection.

The accompanying publication for this exhibition can be purchased at the Museum Shop.

IAMM vol2 cover