The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – Volume 1

07 IAMM Volume1Title : The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – Volume 1
Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM150.00
Size : 10″ x 13″
Year : 2002
ISBN No : 983-40845-0-1
Illustration : 210 colour
Pages : 280
Featuring details from the museum’s inception to its construction, this book provides a comprehensive presentation of the galleries and their contents at the formative stage. The text includes an essay on the nature of Islamic art and a section on the history of Islamic civilisations to give a keener understanding of the development of art during these periods. Each Islamic empire is illustrated by an artefact from the collections. All of the IAMM’s galleries are featured, with a selection of their contents: some significant historically, others for the skill and artistry of their production.