The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is committed to preserving and propagating knowledge. Publications are a vital tool in this quest. By the middle of 2006 the museum had published 16 books, covering a wide range of topics. Most of these publications are catalogues of exhibitions, although books of a more general nature are now being produced. The aim is at all times to support the work of the museum and to improve visitors enjoyment. We welcome comments on our published material.


Islamic Bookbinding

ISBN: 978-983-2591-14-6
Year: 2017

Introduction to Islamic Arts – Calligraphy: The Collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

ISBN: 978-983-2591-13-9
Year: 2016
FA Dala'il al-Khayrat-CoverFINAL

Dala’il al-Khayrat: Prayer Manuscripts From The 16th To 19th Centuries

ISBN: 978-983-2591-12-2
Year: 2016

The Holy Month of Ramadan: A Visual Celebration

Year: 2015
FA Arms&Armour-Cover

Symbols Of Power And Beauty: The Collection Of The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

ISBN: 978-983-2591-11-5
Year: 2015

Mosques of the United States of America: The Dar Al Islam Mosque and Complex In Abiquiu, New Mexico

ISBN: 978-983-2591-07-8
Year: 2014

Al-Qur’an: The Sacred Art of Revelation (VOL.II)

ISBN: 978-983-2591-09-2 volume II
Year: 2014

Al Hajj: The Malaysian Experience

ISBN: 9789832591054
Year: 2013

Nun Wa Al Qalam: Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy

ISBN: 978-983-2591-06-1
Year: 2013

Tradition and Continuity: Woven and Decorated Textiles of the Malay Peninsula

ISBN: 9789832591030
Year: 2012

Lasting Impressions: Seals from the Islamic World

ISBN: 978-983-44696-9-6
Year: 2012

Formation of a Nation: A Photographic Flashback

ISBN: 978-983-44696-8-9
Year: 2012
Ann Dunham Legacy_Cover.pdf

Ann Dunham’s Legacy: A Collection of Indonesian Batik

ISBN: 978-983-44696-7-2
Year: 2012

The Essence of Iznik

ISBN: 978-983-44696-6-5
Year: 2011

Jewels without Crowns: Mughal Gems in Miniatures

ISBN: 9-789834-469641
Year: 2010

Practical Conservation: Our guide to caring for your treasures

ISBN: 9-789834-469634
Year: 2009

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – Vol II

ISBN: 978-983-43211-9-2
Year: 2009

En Route to Mecca: Pilgrims’ Voices Throughout the Centuries

ISBN: 9-789834-469627
Year: 2009

Jewellery of the Islamic World: An Introduction

ISBN: 978-983-44696-0-3
Year: 2009

Divine Inspiration – Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture

ISBN: 983432118-X
Year: 2008

Faith and Power: Women in Islam

ISBN: 9834321161
Year: 2008

Beyond Orientalism – How the West was Won over by Islamic Art

ISBN: 9789834321178
Year: 2008

Malay Manuscripts: An Introduction

ISBN: 983432115-4
Year: 2008

Neither East Nor West: The Lafayette Collection: Asia in the Age of Monochrome

ISBN: 9789834321123
Year: 2007

Merdeka 50: A Celebration of Malaysian Art

ISBN: 983432113-0
Year: 2007

A Common Thread: Ikat of the Islamic World

ISBN: 978-983-43211-4-7
Year: 2007
web - abrbandi ikats

Abrbandi: Ikats of Central Asia

ISBN: 983-40845-8-7
Year: 2006
web - spices book cover

Spice Journeys: Taste and Trade in the Islamic World

ISBN: 983-40845-9-5
Year: 2006

Al-Qur’an: The Sacred Art of Revelation

ISBN: 9834321104
Year: 2006
14guide book cover

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Guide Book

ISBN: 983-40845-6-0
Year: 2005
13Message & the Monsoon

The Message & the Monsoon: Islamic Art of Southeast Asia

ISBN: 983-40845-7-9
Year: 2005
12Mightier then the Sword

Mightier than the Sword

ISBN: 983-40845-4-4
Year: 2004
11Rhythm & Verses

Rhythm & Verses: Masterpieces of Persian Calligraphy

ISBN: 983-40845-5-2
Year: 2004
10Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries: Tents of the Islamic World

ISBN: 983-40845-1-x
Year: 2003
09Between Eden & Earth

Between Eden & Earth: Gardens of the Islamic World

ISBN: 983-40845-2-8
Year: 2003
08 Al-Kalima

Al Kalima

ISBN: 983-40845-3-6
Year: 2003
07 IAMM Volume1

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – Volume 1

ISBN: 983-40845-0-1
Year: 2002
06 Islamic Art of India

Islamic Arts of India

ISBN: 983-2591-00-7
Year: 2002

The Art of Living

ISBN: 9789834038519
Year: 2001