Nun Wa Al Qalam Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy: The Collection Of The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

10 December 2013 – 10 May 2014

 Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy or the art of beautiful writing inspires the world today as it did for 1400 years. Calligraphy unified the Arts of Islam from around the world, and contributed to the splendour of its cultural heritage. Certainly the Holy Qur’an was the main inspiration for the beautification of God’s words and thus played a major role in the evolution and development of the Arabic script and its adaptation to other languages. Yet in the contemporary world, Muslim calligraphy went beyond the traditional approaches, venturing with  new approaches in media, form, content and design. The letters and words start to attain new dimensions and inspirations.  This exhibition presents the enigmatic and mystical artworks of 36 artists from 8 different countries, where every artwork stands to become a dialogue of ideas, reflecting a changing world.

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