Islamic Bookbinding

8 May – 31 December 2017

The  Islamic Bookbinding exhibition showcases over 70 artefacts that comprehensively portray the beautiful elements of bookbindings from around the Islamic world.  A variety of bookbindings was found around the Islamic world – bound and unbound – where some bindings were kept in wooden box, wrapped in leather pieces, as well as bound in codex form. The cover materials were mainly leather, lacquerwork and textiles in addition to other decorative mediums such as metal and precious gems. Some of these manuscripts also come with additional housings such as box, pouch and slipcase.  Moreover, the art of bookbinding was not only concentrated in refining the design of the covers but also focused on other constituting elements such as the doublure (inner cover) and the flap, which is a feature associated specifically with Islamic bindings.

This exhibition will be held in the Special Gallery 2 from 8th of May until 31st December 2017. A special catalogue to commemorate this exhibition will be available at the Museum Shop.