Head of Conservation



  • Require a Master Degree /PhD in Conservation, Museum Studies, Heritage, Archive, History of Arts, Fine/Visual Arts or equivalent;
  • At least 10 years of experience in an active Conservation lab; knowledge of a broad range of scientific instrumentation including understanding of the history of materials;
  • Knowledge and skills to research, handle, investigate, clean, stabilise and care for artefacts by knowing of the technology and materials of artistic, scientific & technological objects and of the chemical and physical process of their deterioration;
  • Knowledge and demonstrable experience with simple to complex treatments on varied formats especially books, papers, paintings, woods, textiles, sculpture, metalwork, ceramics and glass;
  • Must have good practical skills to handle and treat fragile and delicate materials, good colour matching skills to fill and colour losses and great innovation to discover new ways of mounting and displaying collections in exciting and creative ways;
  • Enthusiasm and the ability to work effectively in collaboration with others;
  • Good communication, attention to detail and excellent hand-eye coordination, a positive attitude is also a plus;


  • Will assume wide-ranging responsibilities which include: surveying and project planning; treatment; disaster preparedness; pest management; handling and care training; storage and housing; managing the daily operation of the conservation laboratory and supervising subordinate staff; participating in professional development and outreach activities including tours and exhibits; ensuring compliance with international museum standards and best practices;
  • Responsible for the preservation, conservation, investigation and display;
  • Provides training and development within conservation;
  • Responsible for managing and supporting the activities of conservation staff;
  • Focussed on preparing objects for new galleries and exhibitions, or making sure that objects are sufficiently stable to travel on loan to exhibitions at national and international venues;
  • Involved with examining and assessing objects in order to determine the most appropriate level of treatment required;

Please send your application to: Human Resource Department ISLAMIC ARTS MUSEUM MALAYSIA (378837-H) Jalan Lembah Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-20927070 Fax No. 03-22749233 Email : hrunit@iamm.org.my