Mount and Display Design

The Object Mounting for Support & Display

Working in a museum demands multi-tasking and an inter-disciplinary approach. Preparing a good and educational display requires utmost teamwork. The best research-based storyline, with the most exquisite historical important artefacts, is not “coming to life” without the adequate presentation.

Humans are more depending on their eye-site, the visual impact and the “Pictures” they see, as commonly assumed, but there is also the often heard saying “One Picture can tell more than a 1000 Words”.

The process of mount making and mounting is, on the one hand important for visual presenting and educational purposes, but also on the other hand for safe-keeping of objects, while handled and presented.

Display and Mount-making Specialists are working with Conservators and Curators, on the best presentation possible, without compromising the integrity and safety of the historically valuable and important objects of Islamic Arts and Master Crafts.


The Artefact – The Design Ideas– The Mount Design – The Mount