Artsy-Craftsy @ IAMM

On 21st May, let’s get Artsy-Craftsy @ IAMM with us!

If you love to paint and play with colours, ‘Let’s Paint with Jaja Yusof’ is exactly for you! Bring out your inner artistic creativity while painting various shapes and patterns on clay. Jaja Yusof, The Artist Who Paints Cats, will guide you along the workshop!

Time      : 10:30 am till 12 pm

Venue  : Education Wet Workshop

Age        : Five to 15 years old

Fee        : RM18 inclusive of 6% GST

In the evening, join us performing shadow puppet and storytelling. We will tell Asian folklore stories using shadow puppet and musical instruments. You can choose to help us perform or become one of the spectators. Cool, isn’t it?


Time      : 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue  : Children’s Library

Fee        : Free


For more information, give us a call 03-2092 7070 / 7031 / 7032 / 7033 / 7034 / 7038 or email at

See you there!