Arabic Calligraphy Workshop / Bengkel Seni Khat & Kraf 2015 🗓

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) is reaching its 16th successful year in organising a workshop on Arabic Calligraphy (Seni Khat & Kraf). The workshop is in collaboration with Persatuan Seni Khat Kebangsaan Malaysia (PSKK), conducted as weekend classes under the guidance of PSKK’s professional calligraphers. These classes are taking place in Education Workshop, IAMM from 17th of January until 16th of June 2015 (2.30pm – 5.30 pm). Due to the overwhelming response from people of all ages and ethnic groups, we have added a new class for children in addition to the Basic (Adult) and Advance classes this year.

The objectives of these workshops are:
* To provide a place for calligraphy enthusiasts to study and practice this beautiful handwork of traditional art.
* To introduce one branch of the Islamic arts that focuses on the graceful art of writing Arabic letters.
* To stimulate calligraphers to produce commercial calligraphic products.

Course works involve:
* Introduction to Arabic and Jawi letters.
* Art of calligraphy
* Calligraphy tools

Medium of instruction : Bahasa Malaysia
Workshop fee : RM360.00 (excluding stationery and reference notes)*
Children Calligraphy Workshop ( below 17 years old )
Time : 10.00 am – 1.00 pm ( every Saturday )
Adult & Advance Calligraphy Workshop
Time : 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm ( every Saturday )

* Workshop fee is subject to 6% GST.

The registration for the 2015 session is already closed. However, for those who are interested to join these classes, the registration for the 2016 session is open now!
To register, simply fill up the registration form below and fax it to 03-22725346. You can also send an email to For further enquiry, please contact the Education Department at 03-22705101/5103/5111.





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